Thursday, 16 January 2014

Media Homework - Typography

Font 1: I think this font is a very original serif font with a stencil-like design, making it look suited to army use.
Font 2: I think Lego chose this font for it's child like font (bubble writing and italics).
Font 3: I think this is a very typewriter-ish font but without any smudges or blots. It has become a very popular trade mark all over the world but I do not like it.
Font 4: I think this is a crazily drawn font for parties or arty occasions because of the lean and shape of the letters.
Font 5: I think this is a very retro font for any one using a theme of 1970 to 90s because of the technology level.
Font 6: There is not much of this font to go on apart from that is a very simple sans serif font but is slightly different to other fonts because of the floating X.

My favorite font is Bank Gothic, because I found a very good 1980s hacking game and this font reminds me of it. This font has the feel of a dark room at the centre of a New York apartment block, with a green-texted computer and sheets and sheets of IP addresses and passwords.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

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