Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Question 3 Mock GCSE Exam Questions

Question 3 Mock GCSE: What Issues of Representation Have I Presented?

One issue of representation in my magazine is maybe that it is too girly. This is because of the candy pink/purple background I have made, regardless I am still keeping the background Because it brings a eye-catching talent with it.

A second problem  is the photo of Simon Cowel on the front. It is a problem because it is not as appealing to teenage girls as I would like it to be, however I was not able to find a high resolution image of Eric Cowel (his recent son).

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Question 2 Mock GCSE Exam Questions

Question 2 Mock GCSE: What are the effects of my layout, typography, colour choice and language choice?

My magazine is arranged so that there are two small stories on the left and a larger story on the right, making the magazine visually balanced. My magazine title and top story are positioned at the top of the cover and the credit for the cover designer (me) is placed neatly in the bottom left.

On my lifestyle magazine cover, the magazine title and subtitle are typed in a italics-y, written font. This is to the eye towards the cover of my magazine as opposed to others. Apart from these illustrated titles, the rest of the text on the cover is in the sans serif, 'Arial' font, although this may be changed if I decide it is to plain.

I have given 'Gossip Girls' a pink/purple striped background to make it appealing to teenage girls and this also acts to draw the eye away from more dully coloured magazines. Around the photo of Simon Cowel, I have placed a white oval so as to differentiate it from the pink/purple background.

Along side all of the previous statements, I would like to give notice to my choice of language in the stories around the edge of the magazine. I have written the story headers so that they sound more interesting than just stating the facts. An example of this is shown in the title on the bottom right: "Do You belieber in Jail?".

PS: I should have my cover ready and on the blog by next week.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Question 1 Mock GCSE Exam Questions

Question 1 Mock GCSE: What Two Conventions Have I Used and Why?

I have used a celebrity (Simon Cowel) to attract readers to my magazine. I chose Simon Cowel because of his recent baby, and thought this would appeal to teenage girls. Also, X-Factor may appeal to teenage girls and this would be a story to entice viewers to read the magazine.