Thursday, 19 September 2013

My TV Show Logo - High School VS Secondary School

My TV Show Logo - High School VS Secondary School

The TV Show idea is where a group of students from a school in the UK switch schools with students from the USA for a week and at the end they tell the viewers which they liked better and why, what was different and if given the opportunity would they switch.

Although I like my logo, I think it could be a bit better. The text colour could be better and the title looks quite bad.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Media Homework - Connotations And Denotations

Connotations And Denotations

Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

  • Fiery
  • Demon
  • Skeletal
  • Giant
  • Lightning
  • Blood Title
  • Red
  • Storm
  • Magic
  • Fire means destruction
  • The demon and the skeleton (possibly the "Iron Maiden") are staring at you which makes them scarier.
  • There is some sort of storm going on in the background showing that the music will probably be rock.
  • All the elements in the picture make it loud and energetic, meaning, again, that the music it is for is probably rock.

Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA

  • Young Man
  • Vest / T-shirt
  • Jeans
  • Patterned Belt
  • Back to Camera
  • Red Cloth in the Back Pocket

  • Sex Symbol
  • 1990's American Stereo-Type
  • The back to the camera means it could be anyone.

The Strokes - Is This It

  • Naked Woman
  • Black Glove
  • Black and White
  • Sex Symbol
  • Model

Queen - Queen II

  • Shadow
  • All Four Members In Shadow
  • Only Heads Visible
  • Gothic Title Font
  • Bottom Member Has Crossed His Arms
  • Eyes looking down nearly closed
  • Shadow and title may show Queen as a Gothic band.
  • The shadow suggests mystery.

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

  • Hills / Mountains
  • Black and White
  • Lines
  • Sound Meter? / Electrocardiogram?
  • Simple
  • Black and white, mountains - extremes
  • Sounds and hills go up and down - Life's ups and downs.
Pink Floyd - Wish You Where Here

  • Meeting
  • Man on Fire
  • Air Hangers / Warehouses
  • Suits
  • Sunny Day
  • No Awareness of the Fire
  • Ignorance
  • Money / Business over life
  • Business associates
The Who - Who's Next?

  • Concrete Pillar
  • Rubbish Dump?
  • Unclear Faces
  • Looking Away From Camera
  • Wasted Landscape
  • Harsh world
  • Rubbish problems
  • Ashamed
  • Get on with it
  • Humanised

Soulwax - Nite Versions

  • Pink Stripes
  • Brain Teasing
  • Very Barely Visible Title
  • The music is probably going to be pop
  • Confused?
  • Unclear?

Blondie - Parallel Lines

  • Men in Suits
  • Woman In Front Looks Cross
  • Black and White Lines in Background
  • 1960's to 1980's Look
  • The Men Have Odd Shoes
  • Black and white symbolises contrast.

Miles Davis - Tutu

  • Black and White
  • Shadow
  • Face Visible
  • Title African or Referring to a Skirt?
  • Eyes Strait
  • African American
  • Pupils Are Big
  • Reference to the Slave Trade?
  • Defiance
  • Big pupils suggest hope/happiness?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Induction Task 1 - Waterloo Road

Induction Task 1 - Waterloo Road

The Waterloo Road logo is designed out of messy, wonky desks. This suits the start of the series, when the school is in a bad state of repair and the attendees didn't care about the school.

The cast of Waterloo Road is made to make as many problems in the school as possible. This is so the producers have as interesting a series as possible with all the characters grudges interlinked.

Waterloo Road is on Thursday at 8pm. This is because students tend not to have anything on thursdays. The reason it is on at 8:00 is because it is prime time TV, and although they would have to pay a lot of money, they would make even more money out of adverts.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Media Diary - Fridays Saturdays and Sundays

 My Media Diary

A Normal Friday At school 

In the morning I use an old alarm clock to wake up at 6am (this is not for any other reason than just liking to have a lot of time in the mornings). From showering to leaving the house I use my iPod  to watch Youtube, I rely on my brother to get me out the door!

On the way to school I listen to my iPod Nano and listen to it whilst reading in the library, I don't know about you but I think it sets a mood in the book. I don't really use media otherwise in school apart from IT and Media Studies.

When I leave school I listen to my iPod Nano. Then when I get home, I watch Youtube for about 20 minutes  and then do my homework. Once I have done that, I'm free I play on my PC or Xbox such as Minecraft or Prototype 2, until dinner. We watch TV during dinner and then watch it in the lounge until bedtime.

A Normal Saturday

I don't use an alarm on weekends but I still wake up at 6:00! Me and my twin normally watch TV until breakfast, afterwards I annoy my parents by letting myself be slowed down by my favourite Youtubers like Seananners and TheSyndicateProject.

Most Saturdays I go to Blue Water to see a movie and when I get back, I play PC or Xbox until either dinner is ready or my dad makes me go out with my brother  to play tennis. The rest of the day is identical to my Fridays.

A Normal Sunday

Normally on Sunday morning I watch a DVD or a film that we have recorded. Sundays are my lazy day when all I do is watch Youtube and play video games.  And yet again, the rest of the day is identical to my Fridays and Saturdays.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Description of Waterloo Road

Description of Waterloo Road

Waterloo road, from what I have seen, looks like no one cares about the education or for the condition of the school (From the lack of uniform and rules). Nobody is wearing school uniform and the first thing you see in the intro is a pupil smash a window with a hockey stick, this is strange because the teachers are nowhere to be seen (smoking on the opposite side of the playground). The teachers don't care for student safety, but the head teacher seems to have tried to control this, in doing so however he has gone insane and thrown the school papers of the roof of the second story.