Thursday, 19 September 2013

My TV Show Logo - High School VS Secondary School

My TV Show Logo - High School VS Secondary School

The TV Show idea is where a group of students from a school in the UK switch schools with students from the USA for a week and at the end they tell the viewers which they liked better and why, what was different and if given the opportunity would they switch.

Although I like my logo, I think it could be a bit better. The text colour could be better and the title looks quite bad.


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  2. LOGO: Sound use of photoshop, showing a number of skills present. Clever use of the pencils for the 'High'.
    T: Use your photoshop skills that you have developed through homework's to help your designs

    EVAL: Only a basic evaluation shown stating what you have done and your thoughts on connotations. Add examples and connotations to progress.
    T: Think about developing your detail so that you are fully explaining your answers.