Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another Photoshop Tutorial - Magnet Cropping

Another Photoshop Tutorial - Magnet Cropping

Step 1-
Insert the image you want to crop (Shown in my last tutorial).

Step 2-
Hold down click over the lasso tool in the top left, the the lasso tool menu should appear beside it.

Step 3-
Select the last option that says "magnetic lasso tool".

Step 4-
Draw roughly around the item that you want to crop (It needs to be a different colour than the background otherwise it will not work).

Step 5-
Photoshop should force the crop line onto the edge of the colour, once it does, press the enter key and you will have cropped the image.




Well done this is clear and well linked to your first tutorial. However images and print screens would really help you here.

T: Please use step by step images to help you really explain the process 

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