Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Contents And Use Of Techniques In The Magazine Covers

Contents And Use Of Techniques In The Magazine Covers

1. This cover contains the obligatory model/celebrity and presents short snippets of information from inside the magazine in a unique format / colour scheme; for middle aged, gossip craving, home owners. But Simon Cowel's face looks like it has been photo-shopped onto his body, making it look like he does not like the way he looks already.

2. This cover is colourful and outstanding. The text is big and bold, trying to attract attention from the target audience (Young to middle aged adults) with the most interesting pages tagged on the cover. The front cover is very energetic and therefore shows the magazine is mainly about exercise.

3. This cover is much sparser than the other two. It has a colourful, bubble font, title and subtitle. There are only three items on the front, one of which is an advert. the magazine is for the physically disabled and so has fewer titles to confuse the readers.

4. Candis is a pink coloured magazine for women, aged 30 to 60. It contains health tips and interesting stories on the front cover.

5. This magazine's front cover is coloured to fit Jennifer Lopez's face with brown-orange subtitles and a light blue heading. It has what they think is the most interesting page tag at the bottom in a large font size.

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