Monday, 16 December 2013

Media Homework - Connotations of Choice Album Covers

Connotations of Choice Album Covers

Connotations of Imagine Dragons - Hear Me

I think that Imagine Dragons' Hear Me album cover connotes some sort of supernatural activity and/or magic. The fact that the floating person is alone in a misty forest might connote mystery or secrecy.

Connotations of The Woodkid - The Great Escape

I think that The Woodkid's The Great Escape album cover connotes mystery as to his identity, this could be because the album is named The Great Escape and he is a criminal.

Connotations of Bowling For Soup - Fishing For Woos

I think that Bowling For Soup's Fishing for Woos album cover connotes that it is fictional because it is drawn as a cartoon. Or it could connote that they are having an unrealistic / surreal amount of fun.

Connotations of The Beatles - Abbey Road

I think that The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover connotes that the Beatle (2nd to left) is humble / honest, because he is wearing no footwear. It could also connote that everyone is unique as the artists are all wearing different clothing.

Connotations of Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War (Not the Tiger Cover)

I think that Thirty Seconds To Mars' This Is War album cover connotes that the entire album will be loud and in all probability rock music, which for the most part is true. The fact that WAR is printed in big letters fits in with the first track where a entire choir scream THIS IS WAR at the microphone.

Connotations of The Gorillaz - Demon Days

I think that The Gorillaz' Demon Days album cover connotes that the group do not think of themselves the way they are, instead thinking themselves as the cartoons drawn on the cover. This may also add a bit of an anonymous atmosphere to the album. The cartoons match the music well, allowing you to imagine them playing it.

Connotations of Coldplay - Prosekt's March

I think that Coldplay's Prospeckt's March album cover connotes that the music will be somewhat classical and moderately high pitched. The album cover is contrasted against the music because the music gives a sense of freedom where as the cover shows a battle in medieval times.

Connotations of Submersed - Immortal Verses

I think that Submersed's Immortal Verses album cover connotes fits the name as they are depicting the evolution of man but the wrong way round, perhaps you could see this as immortallity.

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