Thursday, 12 December 2013

Conventions of Lifestyle Magazines

Conventions of Lifestyle Magazines

Identify the Different 'types' of Content in the Magazine -
  • Clothing
  • Gossip / Interview
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Love life
  • Fitness
  • Pictures
Discuss the Layout of the Page. From Your Analysis What Gender and Type of Person is This Magazine for? -

Middle-aged women because of the content and the types of images. Also young women because they might want to catch up with events without watching the news. The magazine is laid out very simply to ensure quick and easy use of the contents page.

How Would Someone Hope To Benefit From Buying This Magazine? -

  • Entertainment
  • Improvement in fashionable clothing
  • Conversation topics
  • Home furniture and ornament advice
  • Beauty products and fitness guides.

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